Specific Risk Management Situations

Being Alone with Vulnerable Audiences / Clients

All volunteer and salaried Extension staff should avoid, as far as possible, being alone with individuals in situations which require extended travel time or sharing sleeping quarters or rest room facilities.  Parents or other caregivers need to be notified in advance about situations in which Extension personnel will be traveling alone with vulnerable audiences.

Teenage Driving

Teenagers who drive themselves or others to Kentucky CES sponsored events are expected to have parental approval, a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and adequate liability and accident insurance.

Transporting Vulnerable Audiences and/or Volunteers

Everyone transporting vulnerable audiences in personal vehicles as part of the Extension program has a special responsibility to address risk management issues.  Adequate liability and accident insurance must be carried that is based upon the vehicle owner’s company policy recommendation and state statues.  All staff supervising programs that require transportation of youth in public or private vehicles need to document that drivers have appropriate and valid driver’s licenses.  If a group that includes vulnerable audiences of both genders is traveling in situations which require overnight stays, it is necessary to have chaperones of both sexes.  It is also recommended that Extension district boards and/or county councils carry accident and liability insurance for council members and key volunteers (as determined by county program councils) through the Department of Community Based Services in Frankfort (800) 849-4820 or other insurance carriers (for example, American Income Life.)

University of Kentucky Risk Management

University of Kentucky Risk Management is located in the Office of the Controller and Treasurer.  UK Risk Management is accessible by phone at 859.257.3708 or on the web at: http://www.uky.edu/EVPFA/Controller/risk.htm 

The website includes information on claims (building and contents property claims excess accident medical), accidents (owned/leased/rented vehicles), insurance (camp and field trip insurance and property insurance) and motor vehicle record (MVR safety program).


Five Strategies for Managing Risks and Reducing Liability in Volunteer Programs