Kentucky Cooperative Extension Diversity Award
Randall Barnett County Extension Council Award Guidelines
Thomas Poe Cooper Farm Leadership Award

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Diversity Award

Kentucky State University
University of Kentucky

The Diversity award recognizes special efforts to target groups of people not previously served by Extension. This award supports programs that go beyond Affirmative Action efforts to develop a culture and environment in which diversity is valued and pluralism is achieved.

Purpose: To recognize Kentucky Extension employees who are making strides to understand, reach, and include diverse and under represented audiences and promote pluralism in Extension.

Diversity: Differences among people with respect to age, race, gender, physical ability, and other human differences.

Pluralism: An organizational culture that incorporates mutual respect, acceptance, teamwork and productivity among people who are diverse.

Under Represented Audiences: Individuals and groups not currently served by Extension or who have minimal involvement with Extension programs, activities, advisory committees, and volunteer groups.

Examples of efforts to address diverse and under represented audiences have included:

  • Ethnicity: the formation of an Latino Homemakers Club.
  • Disabilities: a 4-H program in a facility that provides special care to youth with long term mental disorders.
  • Race: a special outreach program that reaches women and minority farm families.
  • Socio-Economic Levels: a community gardening program that targeted housing project residents.
  • Age: a program targeting senior citizens who had not previously been reached by Extension.

Nomination Process: Nominees may be any Kentucky Extension employee (Kentucky State University or University of Kentucky). Nominations can include multiple diversity efforts as long as they occurred in the specified time period. Nominations will be accepted in two categories, (1) individual (2) team. One award will be given in each category. Nominations must be made by an employee of Kentucky Extension (self-nomination encouraged).

Selection Process: The nominations will be judged by a committee appointed by the Assistant Dean for Diversity in the UK College of Agriculture and the 1890 Administrator at KSU and will include both Extension and non-Extension members. The committee will review nominations and recommend the award winners to the Administrator and the College Assistant Dean for Diversity.

Award Presentation: The winners will receive a plaque and a program award of $500.00 (individual) and $1,000.00 (team) for use in their county/department to continue diversity efforts.

Guidelines for Nominations: Nominations will be evaluated for outstanding accomplishments in achieving and sustaining diversity and pluralism in Kentucky Extension. Nominations are for accomplishments from October 1 through September 30.  The program nominated could have started before October 1 but it must have also been ongoing during the period October 1 - September 30. Written nominations must include the nomination form (attached) and no more than 4 additional pages of typed information. Other forms of supporting materials, such as video tapes, newspaper clippings, or publications, will not be accepted or considered in the review process.

Nomination Format:  In addition to describing the program the nomination must address the following questions:

  • Define the group that was targeted and explain how this was a new audience for Extension.  Why were special efforts needed to reach this audience?
  • What obstacles had to be overcome to accomplish this program?
  • How did this effort add to the appreciation/understanding of diversity?
  • What was the impact?
  • How will the audience be involved in ongoing or future Extension programs?

Due Date: The deadline for receipt of nominations is mid December.  Exact dates will be sent each year.  Send nominations as email attachments to: Dr. Quentin Tyler, Assistant Dean/Director, Office of Diversity, UK College of Agriculture, Call 859-257-3482 for more information.

Nomination Form


Randall Barnett County Extension Council Award Guidelines

All counties are encouraged to apply.

  • Each Extension District is eligible to submit two County Council's entry for the State Award.
  • Entries from the Extension Districts should be submitted to the appropriate District Director.
  • The deadline for submitting the top two district entries for state judging is May 1.
  • The winning Council will be recognized during the Summer State Extension Council Meeting.
  • The winning Council will be presented with a $500 cash award plus framed certificate for their local office. An inscription of that county name will be placed on a permanent plaque at the College of Agriculture.
  • The same county Council cannot win the award in two consecutive years.
  • The state winner will be selected by a committee of the Executive Committee of the State Extension Council, a District Director and the Assistant Director for County Operations.

Entry Form


Thomas Poe Cooper Farm Leadership Award

Dean Thomas Poe Cooper established a trust fund to provide for the recognition of an outstanding farm leader in Kentucky each year. Counties and departments are invited to make nominations for the Farm Leadership Award. The guidelines for selecting the recipient of this cash award are:

  • All nominations for the award should be submitted through the District Directors or Department Chairs, and are due by February 1.
  • Unsuccessful nominees from previous years can be submitted in an updated form but must be nominated again to be considered. Each year many worthy nominations are received but only one can finally be selected.
  • Persons submitting a nomination are requested to justify the nomination on the basis of five selection criteria.

The basis for selecting the nominee will be as follows:

  1. That the person be involved in and contribute to Agriculture, 4-H, Family and Consumer Sciences, or Community and Economic Development, and that their area of distinction be largely statewide.
  2. That the person should be a leader in terms of adopting new ideas.
  3. That the person should have demonstrated capacity for leadership in the community, county, and state.
  4. That the person should have demonstrated the application of skills and efforts beyond the normal.
  5. That the person should be a respected leader, exemplifying the finest in rural life.

All final nominations for the award need to be sent by the District Director or Department Chair to the Associate Director for Cooperative Extension Service, Room S-107 Agriculture Science Building North, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40546-0091 by February 15.