The Client Protection Handbook is complete and finalized. Please use the links on the left to navigate the handbook. It is recommended to head first to the contents to navigate to your desired sections. 

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Client Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

The University of Kentucky CES Client Protection Policy

  1. Background, History and Purpose in Client Protection & Risk Management
    1. Kentucky Client Protection Standards & Risk Management Strategies Design Team
    2. Kentucky Client Protection Standards & Risk Management Strategies Review Team
  2. The Agents’ Role in Client Protection & Risk Management
  3. The Client Protection Committee (CPC)
    1. Client Protection Committee member Volunteer Position Description
    2. Client Protection Committee chair Volunteer Position Description
    3. Client Protection Committee secretary Volunteer Position Description
    4. Kentucky CES Volunteer Services Confidentiality Statement
  4. Volunteer Application Process
    1. Who must undergo the screening process?
    2. The “litmus test” for volunteer screening
    3. Screening Protocol Exemptions
    4. Incomplete Volunteer Files
  5. Volunteer Application Packet
    1. Volunteer Application
    2. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Release & Information Form
    3. Criminal Record Check Request Form
    4. Kentucky CES Volunteer Reference Form
    5. Kentucky CES Expectations for Volunteers
    6. Interview Notes
    7. Criminal Record Check Results
    8. Sex Offender Registry Results
    9. Volunteer Position Description
    10. Volunteer Position Description template
    11. Reference Request Form
      1. (5a.) School Volunteer Application Packet
        1. School Volunteer Application
        2. Kentucky CES Expectations for Volunteers
        3. 4-H School Club Leader Volunteer Position Description
      2. (5b.) Screening Volunteers for Environmental Camps
        1. Environmental Camps as 4-H Events
        2. Environmental Camps as collaborative ventures between 4-H and School
        3. Environmental Camps as School Events
        4. Questionnaire for Environmental Camps
        5. Questionnaire for Environmental Camps (with hints for the interviews)
        6. Accepted School Volunteers for Environmental Camp
        7. Accepted 4-H Volunteers for Environmental Camp
        8. School References for Environmental Camp Volunteers
        9. Extension References for Environmental Camp Volunteers
        10. Environmental Camp Counselor Volunteer Position Description
    12. CAN (Child Abuse & Neglect) Check
  6. Volunteer Files & Records Management
    1. Checklist for Processing New Volunteers
    2. Records Management
    3. File Maintenance
    4. Classifying Volunteer Files
    5. Green
    6. Yellow
    7. Red
    8. Tracking Volunteer Screening with a Roster Template
    9. Tracking Volunteer Screening with 4-H ACCESS
    10. Incomplete Volunteer Files
  7. Obtaining a Criminal Record Report (Background Check) in Kentucky
    1. Procedure for obtaining a Criminal Record Report
    2. Obtaining a Background Check from another State
    3. Interpreting Background Check Results
    4. Updating Background Checks in Volunteer Files
    5. Interpreting Background Check Results
  8. Interviews
    1. Interviewing: A Tool to avoid Poor Volunteer Placement Decisions
    2. Why Interview?
    3. Conducting Effective Interviews
    4. Preparing for an Interview
    5. Who should conduct the interview?
    6. Red Flag / Warning Sign Interview Responses for Youth Volunteers
    7. Interview Documentation
    8. Ineffective Interviewing Principles
    9. Volunteer Questionnaire (required of all applicants)
    10. Volunteer Questionnaire (with hints for the interviewers)
    11. Volunteer Questionnaire II (required of new applicants)
    12. Volunteer Questionnaire II (with hints for the interviewers)
    13. In-depth, Secondary Interview Questions (for “yellow” applicants)
    14. In-depth, Secondary Interview Questions (with hints for the interviewers)
    15. Criminal History Questions (for “yellow” applicants)
    16. Driving History Questions (with hints for the interviewers)
  9. Volunteer Acknowledgement Letters
    1. Thank-you for your interest
    2. Acceptance
    3. Decline
    4. Disengage (Failure to sign volunteer position description)
  10. Volunteer Orientation
    1. Orientation Benefits
    2. Sample Extension Volunteer Orientation Agenda
  11. Behavioral Guidelines
    1. Disciplinary Guidelines for Youth
    2. Kentucky 4-H Event and Activity Conduct Management Guidelines
  12. Child Abuse
    1. Recognizing and responding to a child’s disclosure of abuse
    2. Instructions for reporting child abuse
  13. Evaluating Volunteer Performance & Contributions
    1. Agent’s Evaluation of Volunteer
    2. Co-Volunteer’s Evaluation of Volunteer
    3. Parent’s Evaluation of Volunteer
    4. Teen’s Evaluation of Volunteer
    5. Volunteer’s Self Evaluation
    6. Management Volunteer’s Evaluation of Volunteer
    7. Documentation
    8. Documenting Behaviors and Actions
  14. Coordinating Volunteers
    1. Causes for Redirecting or Disengaging Volunteers
    2. Mediation Process
    3. Alternatives to Disengaging a Volunteer
    4. Probation
    5. Procedure for Disengagement of a Volunteer
    6. Procedure for Disengagement of a Volunteer: Volunteer Disengagement Checklist
    7. Causes for Immediate Dismissal
    8. Procedure for Immediate Dismissal
    9. Appeals Process
    10. Dismissal of Volunteers in Difficult Situations
  15. Search and Seizure Involving Youth
  16. Insurance
    1. Kentucky Volunteer Insurance Program
    2. American Income Life Insurance
    3. UK Risk Management
  17. Liability Shields
    1. Permission Slips
    2. Informed Consent Forms
    3. Waivers or Releases
    4. Indemnification Agreement
    5. Sample Liability Shield
  18. Incident Reports
    1. Incident Report Form
    2. Documentation
  19. Risk Management
    1. Specific Risk Management Situations
    2. Five Strategies for managing Risks and Reducing Liability in Volunteer Programs
  20. Risk Management Glossary