1. Employee Separation Sheet
  2. Resignation Procedures:
    1. for County Extension Agents
    2. for County Support Staff 
  3. Sample Resignation Letter
  4. CAFE Exit Checklist

Resignation Procedures for County Support Staff

County support staff members working in the County Extension Offices are employees of the University of Kentucky. When there is a change in county support staff members there are certain procedures that must be followed in order to have a smooth transition. There will be a minimum of delay in taking one support staff member off and putting another one on the University of Kentucky payroll if the procedures outlined below are followed:

  • A 2-week notice should be given in the case of resignation. Agent should convey this information to District Director the same day that he/she receives it. In the event sufficient notice is not given, University benefits may be withheld.
  • When notified of a resignation it is advisable that a plan be worked out whereby all earned vacation can be taken either intermittently before the last day of work or as terminal leave. Number of vacation days due can be obtained from District Director's Office.
  • Notify the District Director immediately. Furnish the following information:
    • Last Day of Work
    • Termination Date: this will be same as last day of actual work. All unused vacation days used as terminal leave must be reported on the Separation Sheet.
    • If vacation days are used as Terminal Leave Days, they cannot exceed the number of vacation days earned in a year.
  • A letter of resignation must be submitted dated the day notice was first given. Include in this letter the last day of work and reason for resignation.
  • A University of Kentucky Employee Separation Sheet must be filled out completely.

Sample Resignation Letter

September 1, 20_____

Dear Mr. Davidson,

This letter is to inform you of my resignation as _________________ of the Honor County Extension Office. My last day of work will be September 15, 20_____.

I have enjoyed working with you and the other staff members of this office. Due to family responsibilities and a better opportunity for advancement in my field of work, I must terminate my employment.

I thank you all for such an important opportunity.