Certain publications, CD’s, DVD’s, videotapes and slide sets are available through the web-based order entry system. Additional supplies must be obtained with local funds and secured from local suppliers or through the UK contracted vendor.

Suggestions for ordering from UK:

The order entry system may be accessed through the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment website.

Supplies - Agents and secretaries should discuss and coordinate orders of supplies to avoid submitting several orders. The Order Entry Computer Program lists supplies available from UK and complete ordering instructions.

Supply orders should be anticipated and placed at least two weeks before pickup or delivery by the truck on pre-set dates. Counties will be charged for supplies purchased from the Agricultural Distribution Center. There will be an annual accounting of the balance due for supplies ordered.

Each county is sent one copy of new, revised and reprinted publications in the county packet and an e-mail is sent announcing the availability of new publications. Do not order anticipated publications until you have received notice of availability.

A limited number of publications require payment. A check payable to the University of Kentucky is required when ordering these publications. Cash transactions are discouraged.

The Agricultural Distribution Center maintains only numbered series publications. Back orders are held for annual 4-H Youth Development publication orders only.

Publication Distribution

Single copies of agricultural and family and consumer sciences publications are available to individuals, schools and other agencies, along with permission to reprint. Should organizations not affiliated with Extension request copies, it is our policy to distribute publications to the group on the basis of one copy per family. Vocational instructors must obtain publications directly from the County Extension Agent. Vocational instructors will be given camera ready copies of publications with permission to reprint. A charge is made for some publications and this cost should be passed on to the individuals or organizations using the publications. Publications are printed on a “demand” basis and only a small quantity is kept at county Extension offices.

4-H Youth Development and EFNEP publications are distributed through County Cooperative Extension offices for use in organized 4-H Youth Development programs, clubs or groups. Distribution is not intended for the general public, but for leaders, teachers and 4-H Youth Development participants.