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Agent Meetings and Activities Form-Instructions
Monthly KERS Reporting Guidelines for Agents and County Support Staff
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Agent Meetings and Activities Report - Instructions 

This report should be used for:

  • Agent conducted, extension sponsored meetings and activities.
  • Non-extension sponsored meetings in which agent attends representing the Cooperative Extension Service.
  • Meetings held by leaders that are extension sponsored (i.e. committee meetings, councils, club meetings).
  • Activities in which agent attends and accompanies leaders. Report only participants from your county. (i.e.: district and state activities, training and field days). If you are a presenter or host county, count all participants.
  • Report actual attendance for activities in which agent has a contributing role.
  • Report only actual contact when involved in displays, field days, fairs, etc. except when agent was organizer of activity, then report actual attendance.
  • Similar type meetings may be summarized if held on the same day/week/month. (i.e., 4-H club meetings, 4-H camp, day and night leader training meetings). Put the number of meetings under the column heading day or night.
  • If more than one agent is involved in an activity, both will want to report it and record attendance.

Agent Meetings and Activities Report (KERS login)


Monthly KERS Reporting Guidelines for Agents and County Support Staff

Following is a summary of the reports that Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service agents and county support staff complete on a monthly basis.

The items that have an asterisk are to be turned into the District Director's Office on a monthly basis.


  • Travel Request and Leave Records Report (submitted via my UK portal); separate line for travel request & leave
  • Meetings and Activities Summary (via KERS)
  • Expenses Summary with signature, approved travel request, and receipts attached* (via KERS)
  • Statisticals (via KERS)
  • Success Stories (via KERS)
  • SNAP-Ed Reporting (via KERS)

Non-exempt (hourly) Employees

  • Time Entry System for leave requests & recording working time (bi-weekly)
  • Monthly /daily reports required as per area of work
  • Travel requests are only submitted through myUK portal for District Director approval when it is for out-of-state travel or professional development funds
  • Expenses Summary with signature with approved travel request and receipts attached (via KERS)
  • Daily calendar (best method as required by supervisor)
  • Statisticals (via KERS)
  • SNAP-Ed Hours – if applicable (via KERS)