A Volunteer Application Packet (VAP) for each program area should be assembled in the County Extension Office. Each VAP should be run front-to-back on 11 x 17” paper, folded and stapled, to create an 8 ½ x 11” booklet. The VAP should contain the following documents, (masters follow on subsequent pages) arranged in this order:

    1. Volunteer Application
    2. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Release & Information Form
    3. Criminal Record Check Request Form
    4. KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services Central Registry Check (CAN Check)
    5. Kentucky CES Expectations for Volunteers
    6. Criminal Record (Background) Check Results
    7. Reference Request Form
    8. Reference Request Form
    9. Interview Notes
    10. Interview Notes & Reactions from Interviewers
    11. Child Abuse & Neglect Check Results
    12. Sex Offender Registry Results
    13. Volunteer Position Description
    14. Volunteer Position Description template
    15. Kentucky CES Volunteer Reference Form

Agents will need to tailor the comprehensive collection of Volunteer Position Descriptions (VPD) to their specific county and programmatic needs.

Volunteer Application Packet

FCS Volunteer Expectations