Determining County Support Staff Personnel Needs

There is frequently a fine line between over-working the current staff and the need to hire additional personnel. Many times this process can be helped with periodic planned work load review.

Informed and involved County Extension Council members can be an important part of the review process.

Below are some procedures that may be helpful:

  1. Develop a list of jobs and programs that need to be done. All agents in the county discuss what is needed to have a more effective extension program.
  2. Involve the County Extension Council in a discussion about how the office can be more productive, and/or how the program can be expanded in the county to meet customer needs.
  3. County Extension Council should make the recommendation to the District Board or if there is not a District Board, the Council should work with the Fiscal Court to obtain additional personnel.
  4. Anyone employed must be on University of Kentucky payroll.
  5. All county employers, regardless of source of funds, must comply with UK employment policies and procedures.

Personal Service Contract ($10,000 or less)

 For many county Extension offices, there are personal service needs such as lawn care, cleaning, maintenance of equipment, etc.  These services may be acquired on a contract basis if they are not provided by Extension staff.  Personal service contracts for professional services must include use of their own equipment and materials (not those owned by the Extension District Board).

Please note that if payment is over $600, an IRS Form 1099 must be given at the end of the calendar year.

Example of a Personal Service Contract