1. Daily Log Sheet:
    1. by Agent
    2. by Date
  2. Cooperative Extension Service Employee Work Schedules
  3. Office Conferences
  4. Weekly Schedule of Extension Assistant

Office Conferences

  1. All staff (including professionals, support staff, and assistants) needs to be involved in office conferences. All participants should commit time for office conference by holding phone calls, visits, etc., during the conference time.
  2. Office conferences need to be held on a regular basis. A weekly conference should be held.
  3. Develop an agenda with all staff having an opportunity to contribute items. The county office/support coordinator should initiate activity for staff conferences by setting a regular meeting date and time. The county contact should receive input from other staff for an agenda. An agenda should include such topics as:
    1. important decision-making activities
    2. coordination of plans and reports
    3. special reports
    4. council meetings
    5. pertinent correspondence
    6. work schedules
    7. reviewing office expenditures
  4. Keep minutes of the meeting. The office secretary or some other staff member should take them.
  5. A final copy should be given to all staff members, one kept in the county files and one sent electronically to the District Director.
  6. Some uses of office conferences are to:
    1. identify programs that reach a broad spectrum of clientele
    2. work towards a team approach on programs
    3. develop long-term thinking for the county Extension program
    4. design strategic plan for leader development
    5. review office work load
    6. review programs and assistance needed
    7. develop marketing Extension plans
    8. look for opportunities to co-sponsor programs
    9. develop educational programs that relate to issues identified by the leadership
    10. share knowledge about community news, activities, etc
    11. look for opportunities to make the office more professional
    12. develop efficient office procedures
  7. The commitment of participation among the staff members is very important in order to have productive meetings.