House Bill 19  
House Bill 44
KRS 58.180     Nonprofit Corporation/Financing of Public Projects
KRS 61.805     Definitions for KRS 61.805 to 61.850
KRS 61.810     Exceptions to open meetings
KRS 61.815     Requirements for conducting closed sessions
KRS 61.820     Schedule of regular meetings to be made available
KRS 61.823     Special meetings - Emergency meetings
KRS 61.826     Video teleconferencing of meetings
KRS 64.850     Commingling of Public and Private Funds Prohibited
KRS 65A.010   Special Purpose Government Entities Defined
KRS 65.060     Definition of district
KRS 65.065     Budgets - Filing - Financial statements - Audits - Enforcement
KRS 65.070     Filing with county clerk and fiscal court
KRS 65.182     Creating a Taxing District/Extension Taxing Authority
KRS 67.712     Powers and immunities common to all county judges/executive and county governments, including urban-county governments
KRS 67.715     Reorganization powers
KRS 67.080     Powers of fiscal court
KRS 67.083     Additional powers of fiscal courts
KRS 68.245     Estimate of assessment - Levy in excess of compensatory tax rate subject to recall vote or reconsideration
KRS 68.248     County revenue limits on tax rate applicable to personal property
KRS 132.010   Definitions for chapter
KRS 132.023   Limits for special purpose governmental entities - Procedure for exceeding limits (public hearing)
KRS 132.024   Limits for certain districts on personal property tax rate
KRS 132.025   Cumulative increase for 1982-83 only by taxing district - Limit - Public hearing and recall provisions not applicable
KRS 134.290   Compensation for sheriff for collecting state and county taxes - Repealed, 2010
KRS 136.180   Notice and certification of valuation - Effect of appeal on payment of Taxes - Payment of fee by any district which has value certified by department
KRS 164.605     Short title
KRS 164.610   Purpose
KRS 164.615   Definitions for KRS 164.605 to 164.675
KRS 164.620   Extension districts authorized
KRS 164.625
   Regulations, authority, and duty of director of extension - Extension council, membership, by-laws
KRS 164.630
   Extension board authorized
KRS 164.635
   Extension board - Membership, appointment, term, vacancy, removal of member
KRS 164.640
KRS 164.645
   Meetings required
KRS 164.650
   Duties of officers -Oath
KRS 164.655
   Extension board, powers and duties
KRS 164.660
   Equal opportunity - Board member restrictions - Nepotism
KRS 164.665
   Repealed, 1978
KRS 164.670
   Revenues payable to treasurer
KRS 164.675   Directive to extension board
KRS 247.080
   Boards of education may aid extension work
KRS 424.110
KRS 424.120
   Qualifications of newspapers
KRS 424.130
   Times and periods of publication – Posting of delinquent tax lists
KRS 424.140
   Contents or form of advertisements
KRS 424.150
   Person responsible for publishing
KRS 424.160
   Rates for newspaper advertising required by law
KRS 424.170   Proof of publication
KRS 424.180
   Advertisements of state agencies
KRS 424.190
   Alternatives to newspaper publication abolished - Exception - Information required to be sent to Department for Local Government
KRS 424.195
   Supplementation of printed notice by broadcast in certain cases -424.200 -Repealed, 1960
KRS 424.210
   Official newspapers abolished
KRS 424.220
   Financial statements
KRS 424.230
   Optional monthly or quarterly statements
KRS 424.240   County or city budget
KRS 424.250
   School district budget
KRS 424.260
   Bids for materials, supplies, equipment, or services
KRS 424.270   Local administrative regulations
KRS 424.280   Due date of ad valorem taxes
KRS 424.290
   Election ballot
KRS 424.300
   Public Service Commission hearings
KRS 424.310
   Railroad Commission hearings - Repealed, 2000
KRS 424.320
   Repealed, 1960
KRS 424.330
   Publication of lists of delinquent taxes by counties and cities - Fee allowance
KRS 424.340
   Publication of notice o f fiduciary appointments and date for presentation of creditors' claims
KRS 424.350
   Repealed, 1960
KRS 424.360
   Invitation to bid on municipal bonds
KRS 424.370
   Judicial sale of real property
KRS 424.380
   Failure to comply with publication requirements
KRS 424.990