Radio and television are valuable communication tools. The following guidelines should be observed by Extension personnel.

It is preferable that stations allot public service time for programs to employees of the Cooperative Extension Service.

Agents should be clearly identified on each program as employees of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Extension agent’s positions and responsibilities should be fully understood by the station manager or program director.

Agents should avoid becoming too closely allied with a particular station or product.

Extension personnel should limit their program effort to the promotion of Extension educational information and related programs. They should not serve in the role of staff member of the station, handling programs out of their field (such as being a disc jockey, weather, market, or sports reporter) at any time construed as “normal” working hours.

Commercially Sponsored Radio and Television Programs

Extension Service personnel will be allowed to use commercially sponsored time for their educational radio and TV programs with the following stipulations aimed at safeguarding the Extension Service from endorsing or appearing to endorse specific commercial products:

Participation will not be approved on any program that may lead the public to believe that the sponsor is making the time available on the air as a means of obtaining special consideration from the Extension Service.

The Extension Service cannot be put in the position of directly or indirectly endorsing or calling attention to any firm or its product. The program of the Extension Agent must, therefore, clearly avoid endorsement. A disclaimer is not considered a sufficient safeguard. An Extension worker shall neither participate in nor supply statements for use in a commercial program if what he/she says or the materials he/she prepared seem to be an endorsement of the sponsor’s product or services.

The Extension Service will maintain full control of subject matter presented by its employees and must be free to present information or recommendations without influence by the sponsor.

All arrangements concerning participation in commercial sponsored broadcasts will be carried out by the Extension Service with the radio station management and not through the sponsor or some other advertising agent.

Extension Agents are advised to use a disclaimer statement if they feel such is to their advantage. Example: “It is the intention of the Cooperative Extension Service to present this program information based on research. It is not the policy of the Extension Service or its employees to endorse any particular brand or product.”